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The optimal processing and marketing of raw materials from the recycling sector conserves resources and thereby also achieves the best possible added value. With our personal contacts to recyclers and processors, we can work with you to find the optimal strategies and solutions for your raw materials.
We are happy to assist you with our many years of experience in the field of recycling. We can certainly help you with our knowledge of marketing, the search for solutions and other questions in the field of disposal and recycling. This starts with A like aluminum and only ends with Z like zinc. So also lead, plastics, copper, cardboard, paper, steel scrap, V2A, V4A and so on .....
Due to our many years of experience, our good network in the field of recycling and the associated specialist knowledge, we will ´certainly be able help you.

Our advice

We will be happy to help you optimizing your operational waste management.
Our longstanding know-how in recycling as certified company, our knowledge of various solutions in operational processes and our good, personal europe-wide network in material trade, we can advise you in a high qualified manner. Target must be the best possible marketing of production waste, but the goal also has to be secure, optimized disposal and logistics.

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Hans-Werner Hennes